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"SKIATOOK, Okla. -

People in Skiatook said they are frustrated because the post office recently told them they needed to raise their mailboxes.

They want to know why the sudden change and what will happen if they cannot meet the deadline.

In a letter, the Skiatook postmaster said mailboxes need to be 41 to 45 inches off the ground, and those impacted have a month to do it.

However, some homeowners, especially those with brick mailboxes, said it is unreasonable and is going to cost them too much money.

Jeremy Johannesen has been measuring mailboxes ever since he got the letter from the Skiatook postmaster two and a half weeks ago, saying he had until March 11th to raise his mailbox.

Then, a second letter said, "I do apologize that previous postmasters have not addressed this error."

The second letter said residents now have until April 1st to raise their mailboxes to 41 to 45 inches off the ground.

Johannesen says he will not do it.

"It's not just the cost, it's the headache of having to do it,” said Johannesen. “It's not just the all-off-a-sudden being a problem. It's the timeline as well.”

Down the street, 73-year-old Mary Lower said she cannot afford to change her mailbox, so she is not sure what to do about her mail-order prescriptions.

"I have to have it delivered, and if they quit delivering because of the size of the mailbox after 17 years, I just don't understand it,” said Lower.

Neighbors said they think current mailboxes should be grandfathered in, and some said they might get an attorney.

We checked with the post office and were told the postmaster was not there.

We asked a spokesperson if these measurements are guidelines or requirements, how many mailboxes need to be raised, and what happens if people do not meet the deadline.

None of those questions were answered.

USPS shared this link on how to install a mailbox and gave us this statement:

“The Postal Service is committed to providing timely and efficient delivery service to its customers, while also ensuring the safety and well-being of both customers and employees. Postal guidelines state that curbside mailboxes should be installed at a height of 41 to 45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry. Additionally, curbside mailboxes must be placed so that a carrier can safely and conveniently serve them without leaving his or her vehicle, and where customers also have safe and reasonable access.

The Postal Service continually monitors and evaluates the location and condition of mailboxes to ensure compliance with existing Postal guidelines. In this particular case, a recent inspection revealed that the height of some residential mail receptacles did not meet these guidelines. Subsequently, notices were sent to those residents who needed to make height adjustments. Customers with questions regarding the notice they received are asked to contact their local post office for assistance and postal officials will continue to work with them to achieve compliance to continue to safely provide the best possible service. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify this matter for our valued customers in Skiatook.”


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